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A connected Wi-Fi thermometer that can take the heat! Competitor devices have issues such as:

  • Probe cabling that melts
  • Probes that stop working
  • Bad range
  • Random device disconnects

The K-Mometer is unique in its class because it uses an industry standard Type K thermocouple sensor and probe that is not only accurate, but can withstand extreme high-heat temperatures for extended periods of time. Need to cook a turkey for 7-8 hours? Smoke BBQ meats? No problem! You can also use it to make candy, like Marshmallows!

Our probe is made out of food grade (SS304) material which is food safe, and the probe cable is protected by a stainless steel sheath and stainless steel braid material, allowing you to monitor your food from start to finish. Check out this blog from Expression Food about using a thermometer for making the most beautiful meals:


We want you to be able to not only cook perfectly, but cook safely

Food borne illness is still a very big public health challenge in the United States alone. The CDC estimates that EVERY year there are 48 million cases resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations, and out of that unfortunately 3000 fatalities. This is really too much of a social problem to ignore and we can reduce these numbers dramatically and save lives if more households in America had the K-Mometer. 

The only way to TRULY know if your food is safe to eat is if you cook it to the exact internal temperature recommended by the USDA. For example, that’s 165 degrees Fahrenheit for turkey. Recent research has also shown that color and texture are not RELIABLE indicators of whether the food is truly done. If you don’t have this information, chances are you can get very sick, and of course that’s not a very good thing, especially if you have young children and/or seniors you’re taking care of.


We want to help solve real world challenges with our connected devices, like the K-Mometer. The devices shouldn’t just be about the coolness factor. They should also address a real need. But how many times have you walked into Best Buy or Target or Walmart and said, "That looks like a cool gizmo but it’s way too pricey for me" … you get that sticker shock right? Our goal is to make these devices affordable so that everyone can have access to them, not just if you’re in the middle or upper class income range. The K-Mometer is only the first device in what we hope to be a pipeline of devices that will each help solve different challenges.

Also, it should be fun to use. How many times have you used a gizmo for a few weeks and then it sits on the shelf? That’s why we’re also building a true rewards system into the mobile app. Collect points for using the K-Mometer on a regular basis and then redeem them for rewards later. So not only are you going to be ensuring that the food you cook tastes great, is safe, but you’ll have fun doing it.  


  • Over 12 years of experience in the IoT domain, and 17 years of combined experience in wireless networking and semiconductors
  • Held product management, marketing, sales, and applications engineering posts for reputable companies such as Cypress Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, ARM, and Samsung SmartThings